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Meet Lady-Comp - your intelligent fertility monitor. Lady-Comp helps you to easily gain the knowledge and support that you need to take control of your fertility and reach your goals.

Lady-Comp calculates your fertility status in less than a minute per day with 99,3% reliability. Using Lady-Comp is fast and easy. Every morning, you will know if you can have unprotected intercourse or not just by looking at the green, red or yellow light.Like thousands of health conscious women around the world, you too can plan or prevent a pregnancy 100% hormone free. Join the movement and reach out to our lively Lady-Comp users community for support. Find out more about this natural and safe method and explore often little known facts on fertility and your menstrual cycle and the observation of fertility signs. We, the Lady-Comp team and community of users are here to share our experience so you too can benefit from a natural, intelligent, efficient and highly reliable natural method to plan your family life. Contact us for a personalised expert analysis at (email). Your body will thank you.


You are unique and so are our products. Use the Lady-Comp finder to choose the perfect model to fit your lifestyle.

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We support you with extra services, spare parts, free shipping and a community of users and experts.

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We let you in on some little known statistics, insights and helpful hints to prevent or plan a pregnancy with Lady-Comp.

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Lady-Comp is made with love in Germany and sold in over 40 countries worldwide. Meet the people behind Lady-Comp.

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