Since over 30 years the natural method to monitor your menstrual cycles with accuracy.

Lady-Comp - Natural family planning made easy!

Lady-Comp is an intelligent fertility tracker that helps you track your cycle naturally and plan your family.

The practical fertility tracker shows your ovulation up to 6 days in advance and supports you with many other features to fulfill your desire to conceive - whenever you are ready.

Ready, Set, Go - Reliable insights in just 60 seconds. This is how easy cycle tracking is with Lady-Comp:

1. After waking up, measure your basal temperature under your tongue.

2. Enter when you have your menstruation.

3. Lady-Comp displays if you are fertile or not.

The digital alternative for family planning: Lady-Comp uses the Fertility Tracker Method (FTM) to determine very precisely which phase of the cycle you are currently in and whether you are fertile or not. With its intelligent algorithm, based on findings from 35 years of research and more than ten million evaluated cycles, Lady-Comp can determine fertile phases with accuracy - in less than a minute and without the time-consuming recording of cycle curves or diagrams. The highlight: Lady-Comp works 100% naturally and can even detect and tolerate irregular cycles and fluctuations.

Light and discreet fertility monitor with a 6-day fertility, ovulation and menstruation forecast on screen. Download your data via USB cable for a PDF or bluetooth to the pearly Cycle app.

LADY-COMP® is the complete monitor for monitoring your cycles. It calculates your fertility on a daily basis and will follow you through the different stages of your life: whether it is to monitor your cycles or to help you conceive.


You are unique and so are our products. Use the Lady-Comp finder to choose the perfect model to fit your lifestyle.

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We support you with personal technical support, spare parts, a community of users and special programs from the tioranat fertility experts.

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We let you in on some little known statistics, insights and helpful hints to prevent or plan a pregnancy with Lady-Comp.

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Lady-Comp is made with love in Germany. Sold in 35 countries worldwide its successfully used by millions of women. Meet the people behind Lady-Comp who support you on your way.

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