Since over 30 years the natural method to monitor your menstrual cycles with accuracy.

Customer service and FAQ

Make the best use of your Lady-Comp with support from our lively facebook community, dedicated customer service and fertility experts.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering how to treat the sensor, change the batteries or when to take readings and when to skip them? The answers to these frequent questions and much more can be found in our FAQ section.

Exchange with Lady-Comp users

Apply to join our closed Lady-Comp user group on Facebook to discuss your issues in private with other users, some of whom are enjoying their Lady-Comp for more than 10 years.

Service Hotline

Our customer service nearly always finds a solution to your issues with Lady-Comp. Contact us by email or phone - we will be happy to assist.

Professional menstrual cycle analysis

Lady-Comp can analyse any menstrual cycle correctly if given correct input. However, the question is: are you happy with the result?
We want you to feel at ease with the Lady-Comp method and understand why Lady-Comp may sometimes show you more red or yellow days than necessary in an ideal setting. That’s why we offer to analyze your menstrual cycle and discuss your individual situation so you gain added insights and can make the best use of the Lady-Comp method.
Our fertility experts Gisela and Petra are trained and certified Natural fertility instructors with a wealth of experience in detecting and explaining cycle irregularities and pointing out possible solutions.

Fertility consultation

Are you planning a pregnancy?
Contact our team get an appointment with Marine, our lifestyle expert and naturopath. Book a one to one and benefit from her wealth of knowledge and easy to follow life-style changes which may help to make your dream come true through the use of natural foods, habit changes and correct knowledge of the female cycle and detecting the best days to get pregnant naturally.

Quality promise

Lady-Comp has a long history and is not only designed but really made in Germany with love and women's needs in mind.
For you that means that if you take good care of your Lady-Comp, wipe the saliva off the sensor, don’t drop it and charge its battery regularly, you can expect it to be your trusted fertility expert for many years to come.

I feel reassured

I chose Lady-Comp after the birth of my daughter. For me, Lady-Comp is a reliable and reassuring method. Being able to get my cycles analysed by professionals really is a plus!