Since over 30 years the natural method to monitor your menstrual cycles with accuracy.

The Lady-Comp method

Know in under a minute if you are fertile today. Reliable, intelligent, easy and flexible, your Lady-Comp will be your new best friend.


By recording the Basal Body Temperature daily, Lady-Comp traces your unique menstrual cycle pattern.

After ovulation the release of natural progesterone prevents an other ovulation and raises your temperature slightly until the next menstruation. Lady-Comp detects this shift and indicates the infertile days with a green light accurate.


A woman's cycle is as individual as her life and subject to many influences. Only 3% of women have a super regular cycle.

Lady-Comp knows that and works with a refined and tested algorithm to detect the current fertility status regardless of the day of ovulation and the menstrual cycle length. This allows women from the first to the last day of their fertile years to observe their menstrual cycles with Lady-Comp.


Monitor your fertility with the tip of your finger:

  • variable wake-up times with the built in alarm
  • easy and fast measurement to fit your busy life
  • 99.3% reliable indication of your fertility status
  • statistics (last 20 cycles) for a deeper understanding
  • menstruation calendar and cycle graph (past 360 days)
  • preview of fertility status (next 6 days)


Lady-Comp adjusts to your changing needs throughout your fertile life. That's why we offer:

  • models suiting your current lifestyle
  • affordable spare parts and repair service
  • free customer service hotline
  • free consultation with our certified fertility experts

Let Lady-Comp take care of you

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The charts and previsions are really useful

I love being able to visualize my temperature charts and my previsions for ovulation and menstruations on screen.