Since over 30 years the natural method to monitor your menstrual cycles with accuracy.

Thanks to the observation of your fertility signs, gain a good understanding of your menstrual cycle and find out what factors influence its regularity to achieve your goals.

menstrual cycle

Take a journey into yourself and discover the wonders of your menstrual cycle. Learn the basics to gain control and feel confident with your fertility.

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A healthy menstrual cycle is a sign of hormonal balance and overall wellbeing. Find out what makes your menstrual cycle go crazy and adapt your lifestyle to feel your best.

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You too can feel, observe and measure your ovulation and fertility. We give you a first glimpse at what's possible and how to record it all with medical precision in less than a minute.

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Chances for pregnancy are only 30% in your mid 20s and less then 10% in your 40s. Knowledge on fertilisation, timing and hormonal balance will help you raise the odds.

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