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What influences irregular cycles

A healthy menstrual cycle is a sign of hormonal balance and overall wellbeing. Find out what makes your menstrual cycle go crazy and adapt your lifestyle to feel your best.

Most cycles are irregular

It is totally normal to have your cycle length vary throughout the year. Your cycle regularity depends on your lifestyle and is subject to a lot of influences.

You are stressed by work or exercising a lot? Then You may see your cycle increase in length.

Why is my cycle irregular?

Besides coming off hormonal contraception there are 7 major influences on a woman's hormones which may delay or suppress ovulation.

You can observe these influences by analysing your temperature and/or mucus pattern:

Think of stop and go traffic. Under stress, oestrogen is stopped and mucus dries. As soon as the stress is over, mucus flows freely again. That is why you can have several mucus peaks but only one temperature raise confirming ovulation.

The 8 influences on your fertility

  1. Puberty, breastfeeding and menopause
  2. Stress during exam periods and high performance sport
  3. Intensive parties, insomnia and traveling
  4. Emergency situations, shock, or mourning
  5. Strict diets, malnutrition, allergies
  6. Diseases or illness conditions
  7. Circulatory or hormonal disorders such as Thyroid
  8. Medication, drugs, tobacco, etc.

Find out what influences you

If you want to go natural, it is important to know what influences your cycle.

Some lucky women just need the same hours of sleep each night to have a regular cycle pattern with many infertile days. Other women will find that each change in lifestyle or medication has an impact on their hormonal balance.

Lady-Comp is a great diagnostic tool that can help you monitor your hormonal balance. Our fertility experts are available to answer your questions and help you to interpret your menstrual cycle.

With Lady-Comp I get to know my body better.

In the past, with very irregular cycles, I couldn't predict my mood or my health condition (very painful periods). Thanks to Lady-Comp, I understand my body better, and that is a true relief in my daily life.