Since over 30 years the natural method to monitor your menstrual cycles with accuracy.

Join the movement and take control of your health with this natural and effective method. Like thousands of health conscious women around the world, you too can monitor your menstrual cycle fast and easy and 100% hormone free with the Lady-Comp Method.


Compact, practical, flexible or detailed? We've got just the right fertility monitor for you. Feel free to explore all our models and make the perfect choice.

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Know in under a minute if you are fertile today. Reliable, intelligent, easy and flexible, your Lady-Comp will be your new best friend.

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Lady-Comp is your new alarm clock: wake-up - measure - done. Check this step by step guide and discover your new morning routine.

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Your journey to health, freedom and power starts now. Start your check-out here. We ship with DHL within 2 working days after your payment.

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My Lady-Comp finder

To make your choice fun and easy, we have linked each of our four devices to a particular lifestyle. Choose the one that says the most about who you are and what you want.

I am active

My professional and social life keep me very busy. I have not entered a long term relationship yet and enjoy my liberty.
I love traveling and am always on the move! So I want to spend a minimal amount of time daily thinking about my fertility.

I am a mother

I am already a happy mother and want to take charge of our family planning. I deserve a high quality device that I can trust.
I have tried several contraceptive methods but I am looking for something more natural. I want to find my body again but need a high level of safety and control. Being able to track intercourse in my busy life and know my fertile days will make me feel secure.

I am in love

I found my partner for life. I love taking care of myself and my relationship, and I think it’s important for my partner to be involved in the process of understanding our fertility too.
We want to enjoy our time together for now and are not trying to get pregnant yet. We want a good start with the method and maybe upgrade later to plan for a baby.

I want a baby

I am in my thirties and want to start a family. I need support to make my baby project come to life.
We want to understand what impacts on our fertility and put all the chances on our side. I have been trying to get pregnant for a while. I want a non invasive and natural method using a device that makes me feel empowered.

Still wondering which Lady-Comp model works best for you?

Tell us about you, and we'll help you make the best choice: