Since over 30 years the natural method to monitor your menstrual cycles with accuracy.

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Professeur Henri Joyeux, doctor and writer

Henri Joyeux is a well known university Professor and former hospital practitioner specialised in digestive and cancer surgery. He is a very appreciated lecturer and author of the amazing book La Pilule contraceptive : dangers, alternatives that changed so may women's lives. Pr. Joyeux puts his rare set of talents to the service of society to support a healthy lifestyle and a happy family life.

He launched the first fruit bar in schools asking to remplace the biscuits given to children with fruits. He spends a lot of time doing volunteering work and dedicates his time and efforts to the youth. We love that such a knowledgeable praticien would recommend Lady-Comp as 'the Rolls' of ecological contraception.
Prof. Henri Joyeux website
Pricipes de Santé

Megan Elizabeth, youtuber and cook

Megan Elizabeth shares her love for vibrant and live foods with simplicity and authenticity and sends a good dose of joy through each of her recipe videos. She has been on a long journey to health and is a living example that we are all capable of taking our well being into our hands. Her history combined with her adorable personality make her an absolutely inspirational lady with a lot of knowledge and experience to transmit to all women trying to make a change in their lives.
Natural Birth Control For Health Conscious Women

Nathalie Nöel, naturopath and speaker

Nathalie is an excellent naturopath trained in Paris, France. She is very dedicated and gentle to her patients who are full of praises for her wonderful work. In her cabinet, Nat' Bien Etre, she receives women to accompany them on their journey to health and well being. Very active in the field of social protection, Nathalie Nöel is an enthusiastic and caring person who really contributes to making the world a better place.


Pauline, youtuber and health leader

Pauline is a talented and successful french YouTuber and writer of the blog Douce Frugalité. She is passionate with healthy vegan food, fitness, jogging and cycling. Her frugal and minimalistic lifestyle has motivated thousands of people to make more natural and ecological choices. Through her videos, Pauline leads the path to a more ethical life, sharing her wealth of knowledge in an authentic and generous way.
Douce Frugalité

Fabienne Beguerie, naturopath and writer

Only knowing yourself and knowing your options can allow you to make a free and informed choice.

Fabienne Beguerie has understood that and does an effective job encouraging women to understand their biology and their needs. Naturopath graduate from the French Federation of Naturopathy and trained at the Naturopathy Higher Institute of Paris (ISUPNAT), Fabienne knows a lot about birth control and chose to write her thesis on the topic of the pill and its impact on women health. Wanting to go further, Fabienne Beguerie wrote a comprehensive book offering every reader the knowledge of how fertility works and clearly listing the various ways available to protect oneself from unwanted pregnancy. Pill, IUD, implant, condoms etc. are presented objectively with their strengths and weaknesses.

Quelle contraception choisir ? Le point sur les risques et l’efficacité is an must read for every woman willing to take her health into her hands and make her own choices.
Quelle contraception choisir

Elisabeth Couture, massage therapist and blogger

Elisabeth is passionate about healthy plant based food and protector of the environment. She strives to make waste free choices in her everyday life. She shares her tips, tricks and tutorials on her YouTube channel with natural and authenticity, a real delight!

Lady-Comp changed my life as a woman

Discovering Lady-Comp made a big change in my life as a woman and in my relationship. It helps me listen to myself more, to observe my menstrual cycle and to know myself better. Now I respect my body and my fertility. Strangely since I’ve used Lady-Comp I feel relieved and freed!