Since over 30 years the natural method to monitor your menstrual cycles with accuracy.

We love to assist women gaining control of and understanding their fertility. That’s why we sell Lady-Comp, the most tested fertility monitor designed and made in Germany by people who care about quality and women's health.


Learn from experts and happy Lady-Comp users why they consider Lady-Comp a good choice.

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Payment and delivery

To make your purchase as comfortable as possible, we propose a variety of payment and shipping methods for deliveries to France, Spain, Portugal.

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Customer service and FAQ

Make the best use of your Lady-Comp with support from our lively facebook community, dedicated customer service and fertility experts.

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You have made a long term investment in your health and you can expect it to be worth it. With our replacement parts, software up-grades and repair services, you will enjoy your device for years to come.

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tioranat - the fertility experts

tioranat fertility experts are trained in several natural family planning methods and apply that knowledge in all tioranat programs. They have an open ear for you. Their advice will be based on your situation and needs - weather you wish to plan for a baby or avoid a pregnancy.

Purchase your Lady-Comp and save up to 100€ on tioranat support.

Discuss your current situation and your last three cycles with a fertility expert.

49,00 €

Benefit from a personalized technical support of a competent consultant, who will help you to better understand your Lady-Comp. (Without tioranat analyse)

99,00 €

Feel confident during your transition from hormonal contraception to natural fertility management. (Includes tioranat dialog & 5x tioranat analyse)

79,00 €

Improve your chances to conceive and take the stress out of pregnancy planning. (Includes tioranat dialog & 8x tioranat analyse)

190,00 €

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Lady-Comp changed my relationship

Now I respect my body and my fertility. Strangely since I’ve used Lady-Comp I feel relieved and freed!