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Compact, practical, flexible or detailed? We've got just the right fertility monitor for you. Feel free to explore all our models and make the perfect choice.

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These are the two models we currently offer. Each is optimal for different situation in life. Click on the image for more details about the models.

Pearly is an ideal and reliable companion for self-determined women due to its handy size, its easy-to-understand colour display, and the ergonomic folding sensor.

380,00 €

The handy fertility tracker shows you at a glance whether you are currently fertile or not - and from the first day! Thanks to the sophisticated software, you also get comprehensive insight into your cycle history and a menstruation forecast for the next 6 months.

495,00 €

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Check-out below the major differences between the Lady-Comp models or use the Lady-Comp finder to choose the one which fits you best.